I’m Tom Venner, a ceramic artist who is passionate about making objects for everyday use and decoration.

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studio exterior
studio interior

A resident of SE Michigan, I have worked in ceramics for many years. I have shown my work widely in galleries, exhibitions and museums and have been awarded a prestigious Creative Artists grant from the Michigan Council for the Arts. My career has included teaching as a professor of ceramics, serving as a college dean, leading arts organizations like the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and the Michigan Potters Association, while continuing to work as a studio artist. Ceramics is my passion. It all takes place in my former chicken coop studio!

About My Work

It is important for my ceramic pieces to be the best I can make. They are high-fired and durable. They are useful, safe and beautiful!

Each piece is unique. You may detect the influence of Scandinavian or Asian ceramics on my style – areas that greatly interest me. I also try to capture some of the naturalness and joy of the making process while creating an elegant form. All this is in the hope that my work will be used and enjoyed.